在AECOM,我们长期以来一直了解支持员工福祉的重要性,以便他们可以为自己和专业的一切带来最好的自我。作为世界 - 和我们公司的发展,我们已经提高了培养整体福祉文化的承诺。确保我们的员工拥有工具和支持,使他们的福祉首先比以往任何时候都更重要,特别是在目前的全球健康危机,抗议和内部骚乱,对系统性的不公正和警察野蛮。今年,而不是对全球福祉的一个月庆祝活动,我们在全球员工的年度历程中延伸了我们的计划。

我们的许多人在家中努力遵守理论上的准则和处理过去两周的事件,这一直令人心碎,我们的员工可能会感到断开连接或经历增加的压力水平。重要的是要承认,人们正在奉献时间和精力,以处理当前事件,以维护一直突然在一起的家庭。这些突然变化可能会对我们的身体和情感健康产生负面影响。Through our global employee network of more than 250 Well-Being Ambassadors and Well-Being Champions, we’re sharing tools and resources to strengthen our connection to employees and their families — from informational webinars about having difficult conversations during a time of unrest, to virtual bootcamp fitness classes, ideas for 30 days of self-care and more.

建立一个幸福的文化一直是爱的劳动。十多年来,我们支持员工幸福Aecom的健康program in the U.S. In 2018, we expanded our well-being program globally and kicked off “Global Well-Being Week” which focused on helping employees understand the importance of well-being for their personal and professional success and its alignment with our one of our core values: safeguard. As part of this effort, we introduced the five pillars of well-being (physical, emotional, financial, social and the planet) and launched WellBeingatAECOM.com, which gives employees easy access to resources, tools and action plans to help them prioritize well-being in all areas of their lives.

观看计划的发展是令人兴奋的。In 2019, we expanded to a “Global Well-Being Month” in June and saw a 200 percent increase in the number of countries hosting well-being events and activities, with more than 140,000 touchpoints (e.g. resources accessed, page views, event participation, downloads, posts and more). A surge of employees reported that they felt their well-being was supported by their managers. We’ve gone from a week to a month and now we are building on our culture even further with a year-round program.

我们多年来的努力已经赢得了许多荣誉,其中包括一个2019年最佳雇主卓越的健康与幸福奖由国家商业集团健康,国际的我们。银腿奖和顶点卓越奖。As a leader at AECOM, I’m proud of the work we’ve put into advancing this program, and that our focus on well-being is recognized — but we’re ecstatic to see our employees and their families make it a success and embrace our culture of holistic well-being around the world.