洛杉矶(March 19, 2021) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm, today announced that it has been selected by the U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) to provide planning, design and construction management services through the Architect-Engineer NEXT 2021 contract for infrastructure and facilities globally. The multiple-award contract, with a combined $2 billion program ceiling, includes a five year base period and one five year option.

AECOM总裁Lara Poloni说:“AECOM的卓越技术记录使我们成为值得信赖的合作伙伴,继续我们与美国空军65年的合作,为他们在全球的动态任务提供创新的解决方案。”“我们很自豪地通过提供强大的地面基础设施,支持美国空军和太空部队在未来几代人的天空和太空的主导地位。”manbetx官方客服


AECOM(纽约证券交易所代码:ACM)是世界上首屈一指的基础设施咨询公司,在整个manbetx官方客服项目生命周期中提供专业服务 - 从规划,设计和工程到计划和施工管理。manbetx备用网址关于跨越运输,建筑物,水,能源和环境的项目,我们的公共和私营部门客户信任我们解决他们最复杂的挑战。我们的团队通过共同目的,通过我们无与伦比的技术专业知识和创新,股权文化,多样性和包容以及对环境,社会和治理优先事项的承诺来提供更好的世界。Aecom是一家财富500强公司,其专业服务业务在2020年的财政年度的收入为132亿美元。看看我们如何提供别人只能在Aecom.com和@aecom中想象的。

此次沟通中的所有陈述是历史事实的陈述是“前瞻性陈述”,以便联邦和州证券法律,包括未来业务,盈利,战略价值创造,冠状病毒影响,冠征影响的计划,战略和目标的任何陈述,风险简介和投资策略,以及关于未来经济条件或绩效的任何陈述,以及AECOM的预期财务和业务结果。虽然我们相信在我们前瞻性陈述中反映的期望是合理的,但实际结果可能与我们前瞻性陈述中的任何预期或假设的实际结果有所不同。可能导致我们的实际结果,绩效和成就或行业结果与我们前瞻性陈述中所载的估算或预测不同的重要因素包括但不限于以下情况:我们的业务是周期性的,易受经济衰退的影响和客户支出减少;冠状病毒和相关经济不稳定和市场波动造成的影响,包括政府对冠状病毒的反应,包括任何长时间的旅行时期,商业或其他类似限制,延迟开始,或临时或永久停止建设,基础设施的临时或永久停止。manbetx官方客服或其他项目,要求我们从现场删除我们的员工或人员的保护,以及我们政府或商业客户或潜在客户的计划举措的延误或延迟;固定价格合约下的损失;通过我们的合资实体运行有限的控制;我们员工或顾问的不当行为责任; failure to comply with laws or regulations applicable to our business; maintaining adequate surety and financial capacity; high leverage and potential inability to service our debt and guarantees; exposure to Brexit; exposure to political and economic risks in different countries; currency exchange rate fluctuations; retaining and recruiting key technical and management personnel; legal claims; inadequate insurance coverage; environmental law compliance and adequate nuclear indemnification; unexpected adjustments and cancellations related to our backlog; partners and third parties who may fail to satisfy their legal obligations; AECOM Capital real estate development projects; managing pension cost; cybersecurity issues, IT outages and data privacy; risks associated with the benefits and costs of the Power transaction and other recent acquisitions and divestitures, including the risk that the expected benefits of such transactions or any contingent purchase price will not be realized within the expected time frame, in full or at all; the risk that costs of restructuring transactions and other costs incurred in connection with recent acquisitions and divestitures will exceed our estimates or otherwise adversely affect our business or operations; as well as other additional risks and factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from our forward-looking statements set forth in our reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Any forward-looking statements are made as of the date hereof. We do not intend, and undertake no obligation, to update any forward-looking statement.




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