AECOM担任SANTA CLARA VALLEY MEDIRE CENTER(SCVMC)新型急性护理医院翼,Sobrato Pavilion的项目和建筑经理。2017年完成,六层楼370,000平方英尺的亭子馆拥有168家私人患者房,包括重症监护,急性/过渡床和康复床,以及最先进的脊髓和创伤性脑损伤康复中心。

In our role, we provided time, cost, quality and contract management of the pre-construction and construction phases of the project, which was part of a multi-phase, multi-project program to upgrade SCVMC’s inpatient facilities to comply with State of California earthquake safety mandates without reducing the center’s bed capacity. AECOM also managed several other projects in the program, including a new receiving and support center and the north utility loop, which serves the campus steam, chilled water and power needs.

Sobrato Pavilion正在追求LEED-NC Gold认证,并且一旦实现,将使SCVMC成为该国的第一个公立医院获得本标准。该设施的可持续特征是热回收系统,三个绿色屋顶区域,水效配管夹具和低VOC建筑材料。